Electric Fans for Pilar Elementary School Philippines

KFBC donates electric Fans to Pilar Elementary School Philippines Insert: Ms Elena Contreras - KFBC Vice Chairman

Sportsfest 2019

April 27,2019, Saturday 9am-5pm Raynes Park High School Sports Hall
(Bus 131)

Sinulog 2019

TIME:  2:15 pm – 8:30 pm 
PLACE:  St. George’s Cathedral Archdiocese of Southwark

MAIN CELEBRANT: Bishop Patrick Lynch , SS CC 
Auxiliary Bishop of Archdiocese of Southwark

Annual Simbang Gabi 2018



Being a Filipino, we have our own special way of celebrating All Saints and All Souls Day. Part of the reason is maybe because of the close relationship we have with our departed loved ones. And maybe because of our faith. Hopefully being in UK won’t change this practice and that we can impart it on our children. We respect people’s celebration of Halloween. However, let us not forget that wherever we are, we are still Filipinos.We are people of great faith, with great love for our family and loved ones. Please be with us on the 2nd of November as we celebrate All Saints and All Souls Day, the Filipino way. Thank you.

Written by: Grace Dakay



It was with great pride and joy that Kingston had joined in the celebration of the Feast of Santo Nino in St. George’s Cathedral for the seventh time.
The preparation for the presentation as always entails a lot of challenges. Life is already very busy for all the performers and to add to that, they will have to fit in the days of the rehearsals as well. But the performers were very dedicated: some had come from Birmingham and another one from Peterborough to join the rehearsal; others were coming from duty and some were not feeling very well but dragged themselves to be with the group. Perhaps they are devotees of the Child Jesus or they are asking special favour from Him or maybe they are inspired by the message that they are trying to impart this year with their Sinulog dance.
Kingston Filipino British Community’s message for Sinulog 2018 is about nature. How the Lord provided the human race with a wonderful world to live in and how men themselves destroy the nature knowingly or unknowingly and the devastating results of man’s actions. To make amends and heal the world, man has to change, ask forgiveness and pray for help.
And so there was a lot of excitement as KFBC made their presentation in two venues: First on the 21st of January in St. George’s and then on the following day in Our Lady of Immaculate Conception in Tolworth.
KFBC had a lot of support from the community. For the first time, all the performers were spared from giving out monetary contribution because there were a lot of donors who unselfishly gave financial assistance for the props and costumes. The family of the performers has to be commended for being very supportive. Father Henry in St. Pius and Father Edward in Tolworth had been very supportive to the Filipinos so that we can practice our faith and celebrate our culture. The dedication of the performers is very admirable. Our heartfelt gratitude to all who in had made this occasion very memorable.
Most of all, we thank Senyor Santo Nino, The Child Jesus, for this opportunity, for using us to be His instruments of peace and love.

Written by: Grace Dakay